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Find a local pond, waterfall & Fountain contractors in Bucks to service your pond/water feature needs


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Across The Pond Aquascapes

Certified Aquascape Pond Contractor / Builder / Installer & Maintenance Pro's

Serving Doylestown, Bucks & Montgomery County, Pennsylvania (PA) Area

Backyard Fish Pond Construction

Try and picture where you sit the most while you’re outside. Now picture where a great place to put a pond would be. Is it a flat area? Is it close to an electrical supply? Is it close to a water source? These are just some of the questions you need to answer if you’re going to have one of our backyard ponds. If you’re going to have a pond of any size, you should know of some of the things that you’re going to need for it. Things you must have are; a good pond liner, a pond water pump, a pond filter, and some pond plants. Other things to consider are; some fish, an air diffuser, some pond lighting, fish food, and a skimmer.These are some of the things to consider if you want to have a pond. If you are interested in pond installation, water feature maintenance, or any other waterscape project for your yard, feel free to contact us or call us at 267-261-6075. We service several counties in Pennsylvania and New Jersey, including Bucks County, Montgomery County, Mercer County, Hunterdon County and more.


Ponds By George

Fish, Koi Pond & Water Garden Contractor, Designer, Builder, Installer, Services

Serving Southampton, Doylestown & Newtown, Pennsylvania (PA) Area

Ponds by George is a unique pond and water feature installation, maintenance & pond supply store and garden center, open to the public in Southampton, PA. The owner, George Mihalchick, formerly owned Aquatic Connections a little further down the road in Trevose. After working for several large garden centers, George decided to move back to Bucks County and open a new pond supply store, so he could once again share his passion for water gardening & backyard fountains with other pond enthusiasts. George's creativity, unique designs, and vast knowledge of the pond industry enable him to transform any backyard into a picturesque oasis, as well as maintain, clean or repair any other additional water features. Incorporate a patio, landscaping, and low voltage lighting and you have the whole package, all designed by George. You'll be thrilled with your new outdoor living area, perfect for entertaining family and friends. Inquire about our new Holiday Lighting & Decorating Services.


Ponds & Backyard Water Features (Disappearing Waterfalls & Fountains) are one of the fastest-growing trends in the outdoor landscape industry. Finding a qualified pond contractor in the Bucks County (PA) area can sometimes be a daunting task. 

Our Bucks County (PA) Pond, Waterfall & Fountain Builders (Installation Contractor) Members are passionate about creating one of a kind Ponds (Fish/Koi ), Waterfalls & Fountains for your Pennsylvania outdoor living area. Their professionalism and belief in customer service combined with an unbridled passion for Ponds, Waterfalls & Fountains allow them to assist their customers in turning their dreams into reality. If you're considering having a water feature like a fish-koi pond, disappearing pondless waterfall, or landscape/bubbling garden fountain, then the contractors servicing Bucks County (PA) listed on this page should be your first source for doing research.

Note: If you are looking for a contractor to maintain your pond or water feature in the state of Bucks County (PA) try utilizing our Pond Maintenace Contractor locator.

Please take the time to research each of our Pond Contractors listed in the state of Bucks County (PA) to make sure you select a company that is best qualified to meet your individual needs. Thank you for using the Outdoor Network Services Locator. 


Choose From A Variety Of Services Provided By Our Network

Our members are professional and certified installation contractors that specialize in the installation and maintenance of ponds, waterfalls, and fountains. They are equipped with the essential tools and expertise to get the job done right, and most importantly, they are passionate about their work. 

Many people find that having dependable Outdoor Network Services is a game-changer. Whether you need help installing a water feature in your yard for spring, keeping your features looking pristine all summer long for guests, or repairing damage and restoring anything to its original condition from winter, our pond installation contractors will be there to help! By having a reliable outdoor network, you can access all sorts of services provided by Outdoor Pond Contractors.

We at ONS are happy and proud to offer our members' services to everyone who needs them either for residential or commercial purposes:

Pond Installation Disappearing Landscape Waterfalls
Landscape Fountains Pond Lifestyle
Pond-Lake Fountains Pond-Lake Aeration


No matter what your needs are, our Ponds Installation Contractors will be able to assist you. We highly recommend their services for all your pond, waterfall, and fountain needs!


Making A Difference

One pond, waterfall, or fountain in one backyard may not seem very important, but when you have a thousand similar backyard ecosystems functioning simultaneously, there’s truly a positive impact being made on the Bucks County (PA) environment. Large amounts of habitat are restored for frogs, toads, newts, and salamanders. The population of each of these creatures has been declining sharply for many years now in the Bucks County (PA) area. Birds have also been driven from many of their natural wetland habitats, which they need so desperately to survive. Your pond, waterfall, or fountain will provide a safe haven for these creatures and add a welcome diversity to our stressed Bucks County (PA) suburban environments.


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123 Main Street, Town, ST 12345

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123 Main Street, Town, ST 12345

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123 Main Street, Town, ST 12345

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