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Virginia Water Gardens

Recreation Swim Ponds Installation & Maintenance Services Contractor

Serving Fairfax, Great Falls, Mclean, Virginia (VA) & Surrounding Areas

Recreation Ponds

Recreation Swim Pond Contractor (Builder)


Large backyard ponds are becoming increasingly more popular around the Fairfax, Great Falls, & Mclean, Virginia area. More homeowners are looking for a way to expand their home landscape into an oasis that they can enjoy with no travel. We here at Virginia Water Gardens have the experience and know-how to build the recreation swim pond of your dreams. This type of pond is a lot more involved and can be a big problem if constructed incorrectly, luckily for you, we can design and install them correctly and safely. Contact us today to learn more about having a recreation pond added to your dream backyard!




We Install The Aquascape Recreation System


Recreation swim ponds are simply a large version of an ecosystem pond, with a few twists. Meaning that they don't need all of the chemicals and maintenance that a swimming pool would need. Allowing you to spend more time swimming and enjoying your backyard, instead of working on upkeep and cleaning. Recreation swim ponds can include fish and plants as well, adding to the natural feel and allowing you to get up close and personal with your pet fish! In the end, we have a backyard pond that not only looks better, it is better, both for the natural habitat of fish and birds and other creatures that are drawn to water in nature, but for us as well, as we now will have more time to enjoy it, with family and friends.

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