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Virginia Water Gardens

Backyard Pond Lifestyle Upgrade Contractor, Builder & Maintenance

308 Cambridge Street (Rt. #1) Fredericksburg, Virginia (VA)

Serving Spotsylvania, Arlington & Falls Church, Virginia (VA)

Pond-Water Garden Lifestyle

We Are A Small Family Owned Business Operating Out Of Fredericksburg, Virginia (VA)


We operate a seasonal pond & water feature supply center and have a crew installing and maintaining Water Features, in the Spotsylvania & Stafford County area.


We offer a large variety of Decorative fountains, and a complete line of pond supplies, along with fish. We also offer pond & water feature design ideas, and fast & friendly services, for all the products we sell and install. Contact us today to learn more!



Certified Aquascape Contractor 


The pond lifestyle is a term we use to better explain the wonderful outdoor experience that occurs, when you live with a Virginia Water Gardens water feature. Our natural attraction to water, as humans, is the source of the drive to want to have a water feature installed.


That attraction, to the sights and sounds of our water features, has led to many new happy clients that are living the pond lifestyle. The moment the pumps get plugged in on your new water feature, the magic starts to happen! Neighbors will ultimately migrate over to see what all the fuss is about, birds ears perk up waiting for you to go inside, so they can take a cool bath in your stream. Bees gather water, to take back to their hives to create honey, frogs migrate across yards, to the sounds of the water.... the list goes on and on. 

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