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The Pond Company

Pond-Water Garden Lifestyle Contractor, Builder & Maintenance

Serving Bloomington, Minnesota (MN) / Ramsey, Scott, Dakota County

Pond-Water Garden Lifestyle

The Pond Company

Pond-Water Garden Lifestyle In The Bloomington, Minnesota (MN) / Ramsey, Scott, Dakota County Area


Most people think of outdoor grills and patio furniture when they think of outdoor living spaces. Once the outdoor meal is over, what more is there to do in your backyard? While many homeowners turn to pools or hot tubs, For the price of a hot tub, a beautiful Ecosystem Pond, Pondless Waterfall or Fountainscape can be installed, and less maintenance is required, thereby providing more time to relax and enjoy friends and family. In northern climates, outdoor grills and similar features are typically enjoyed during the warmer months, whereas a water feature can be enjoyed year-round.


Life’s daily trials and tribulations wash away with the sound of water. Moving water always attracts the eyes and ears, luring you to it. It is human nature to explore this sensation, so that it soothes you in that very moment. As you read this, did your mind’s eye wander to a particular feature? Did you picture yourself in front of it, perhaps with a loved one? In the split second of answering this question, did you feel your heart rate drop? Did you feel your worries lessen? This “split second” is what we grasp and share in what we call “Living the Pond Life.” Contact us today to get started on your journey into living the pond lifestyle.



Certified Aquascape Contractor


It’s been a challenging day at work, but when you live the outdoor lifestyle with a pond, you don’t stop at the TV. You keep walking through the kitchen and into your backyard. You unwind with a cool beverage or glass of wine, tension leaves the back of your neck as you listen to the serenity of your own mountain stream and waterfall… just steps from your backdoor. Water features provide soothing sights and sounds that help you relax and de-stress in today's busy world. Lower your blood pressure and improve your physical and mental health as you prop your feet up and enjoy the therapeutic effects of Mother Nature.


Imagine walking out of your back door into your own backyard paradise. The relaxing sounds of waterfalls cascading from a stream, Koi fish gracefully gliding through the water, butterflies dancing among the landscaping, & birds singing in the nearby trees. You can feel the stress and anxiety of the day start to melt away as you relax and spend time in your newly installed outdoor living area, realizing this is what you have dreamed of. That’s exactly what having a Backyard Water Feature is all about, a little piece of paradise in your Bloomington, Minnesota (MN) / Ramsey, Scott, Dakota County Area backyard, that you can visit anytime you want.

The Pond Co offers the following services: Pond Installation, Pondless Waterfalls, Landscape Garden Fountains, Maintenance, Cleaning, Algae Control, Leak Repair & Renovations for our clients in the Bloomington, MN area. Fill out our Contact Form to learn more. 

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