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Premiere Aquascapes

Bubbling Landscape Garden Fountains Installation Contractor

Based in Middlebury, Indiana - Serving Northern IN & Southern MI

Premiere Aquascapes is a water feature and landscape installation company, based out of Middlebury, Indiana. We specialize in all types of water features, including custom landscape fountains & bubbling urns. These smaller water features can be added to almost any space in your yard, with minimal disruption to your existing landscape. Most installations can be done in 1 day, therefore, use your imagination when planning an installation. Feel like giving your wife or husband a surprise, that will make them wonder how you pulled it off? We can install a fountainscape, like the ones pictured below, before they get home from work!


Fountains and fountainscapes utilize an in-ground basin that pumps water up through the fountain, that then overflows the fountain container, cascading back into the reservoir to be pumped back through the fountain. There is no mess, no excessive water usage and no hassle. Just call the experts at Premiere Aquascapes, located centrally in the midst of South Bend and Fort Wayne, Indiana, and Kalamazoo and Michigan City, Michigan, and let them provide you with the expert design and skill to build a fountainscape unique to the beauty of your home.​ Contact us today to learn more about fountainscape installation.



Landscape fountains, also called fountainscapes, are smaller water features that bring the inviting sight and sound of running water to your home, yard or garden. They can be a focal spot in your backyard, add beauty to your deck, enhance a garden walkway, or welcome friends at your front door.  While ponds, streams and waterfalls are beautiful, and have their own benefits, many homeowners want less fuss, have less space to work with, and may want a more budget-friendly water feature for their home. If this sounds like you, a landscape fountain may be your answer!


Perfect For That Small Space In Your Yard


Container Gardens, also known as Patio Ponds, are the easiest way to bring the beauty of water and its soothing, relaxing character to your home. Any watertight container will do, and the possibilities are just as unique as you are. Maybe you want to keep history and memories alive, and use one of Grandpa's old milk cans from the family dairy farm. Or maybe that large flowerpot from last year's garage sale adventures is your container of choice. As long as it holds water and you like it, you can build your own Container Garden. And if your chosen container is not watertight, a rubber liner can solve that problem. Visit our Premiere Pond Supplies store, and we can provide the proper supplies that you need to complete your own container garden.

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