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Gem Ponds Inc.

Certified Aquascape Contractor - Bubbling Urn & Fountains, Installation & Maintenance

Serving Chicagoland, Naperville, Wheaton, Illinois (IL) & Surrounding Areas

Landscape & Garden Fountains

Landscape Garden Fountains

Add elegance and unique texture to your Naperville, Wheaton, Dupage County & Chicagoland, Illinois area, backyard with a beautiful outdoor landscape fountain. Whether you want outdoor garden fountains that dress up your flower beds and shrubs, or a small outdoor self contained fountain to set on your patio or deck, Gem Ponds can help you find a fountain that works in your space.


Perfect For That Small Space In Your Yard


A Landscape Fountain typically consists of a decorative fountain positioned atop an underground reservoir that stores the water and a recirculating pump located in the reservoir pumps the water up through the fountain where it bubbles over the top and cascades back into the reservoir.


An Outdoor Fountain designed alongside a patio or deck can add a whole new dimension to any outdoor environment. Your outdoor fountain has unlimited possibilities. If you are in the Chicagoland, Naperville, Wheaton, Illinois area, Contact us to get started with your outdoor bubbling fountain design.



Certified Aquascape Contractor In Roselle, IL


Landscape Fountains add the relaxing sound of running water to any setting. Outdoor fountains allow water to spout, jet, pour or trickle into a basin before being recirculated. Landscape Fountains range in size from bubbling rock gardens ideal for landscapes, to large pieces of public art. If you live in the Naperville, Wheaton, Dupage County or Chicagoland, Illinois area, you can use a fountain to create a sense of privacy by masking traffic and other noises. When choosing an outdoor fountain, first consider how much space you have. Many yards can accommodate large outdoor fountains, while a smaller fountain will create a focal point in a petite flower garden.


The AquaBasin™ can easily be installed within just a few hours if you like to tackle home projects on your own, or you can hire Gem Ponds to do the job for you. Aquascape provides a wide variety of decorative pieces that can be used in conjunction with the AquaBasin™, from ceramic urns to brass sculptures to carved stone structures. What's more, Aquascape adds new decorative options each year, so there's always something fresh and new to add to your landscape.

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