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We Build, LLC 

Landscape & Garden Fountains Installation & Maintenance Contractor

Serving Chesapeake, Virginia Beach, Hampton Roads Area, Virginia (VA) & Surrounding Areas

We Build, LLC 

Landscape & Garden Fountains by We Build, LLC In The Chesapeake, Virginia Beach, Hampton Roads area, Virginia (VA) & Surrounding Areas


Landscape & Garden Fountains provide homeowners, in the Chesapeake, Virginia Beach, Hampton Roads area, Virginia (VA) & surrounding areas, with a unique and creative way to decorate their outdoor living space. Many homeowners desire the soothing sounds of running water, but are just not ready for a pond, don't have the room for one, or simply can't afford one. We Build, LLC can install a fountainscape quickly and easily, to transform your yard!


Adding a water feature brings a whole new sensory experience to your garden. A well-placed garden fountain can transform an ordinary backyard into a relaxing outdoor retreat, with the restorative sound and hypnotizing movement of trickling water. A fountainscape can also serve as a focal point in a front yard, plaza or courtyard. 



Perfect For That Small Space In Your Yard


The great part about Fountainscapes, is that they can be installed in just a few hours, if you use the AquaBasin™ system.  Aquascape provides a wide variety of decorative pieces that can be used in conjunction with the AquaBasin™, from ceramic urns, to brass sculptures, to carved stone structures.  What's more, Aquascape adds new decorative options each year, so there's always something fresh and new to add to your landscape.


We Build, LLC, serving Chesapeake, Virginia Beach, Hampton Roads area, Virginia (VA) & surrounding areas, has been trained to install this system by the manufacturer.  We are experienced and able to install a fountainscape easily in even the most difficult spots.  If you have an existing pond or water feature, we can even install a fountain in conjunction with what you already have.  This can add a unique addition to your back yard paradise!


A Landscape & Garden Fountain typically consists of a decorative fountain, positioned atop an underground reservoir that stores the water, and a recirculating pump located in the reservoir pumps the water up through the fountain, where it bubbles over the top and cascades back into the reservoir. An Outdoor Fountain designed alongside a patio or deck can add a whole new dimension to any outdoor environment. Your outdoor fountain has unlimited possibilities. If you are in our area of Virginia, Contact us to get started with your outdoor bubbling fountain design.

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