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We Build, LLC 

Disappearing Landscape Waterfalls Builder, Installer & Maintenance Pros

Serving Chesapeake, Virginia Beach, Hampton Roads Area, Virginia (VA) & Surrounding Areas

Disappearing Landscape Waterfalls

We Build, LLC 

One Of The Hottest Trends In Water Gardening For Disappearing Landscape Waterfalls In The Chesapeake, Virginia Beach, Hampton Roads area, Virginia (VA) & Surrounding Areas


Disappearing Landscape Waterfalls, or "Pondless Waterfalls", are a great, low maintenance water garden option for your back yard in Chesapeake, Virginia Beach, Hampton Roads area, Virginia (VA) & surrounding areas. Picture sitting on your deck, listening to the relaxing sound of a waterfall, without having to worry about the maintenance of a pond! The water simply re-circulates from an underground basin, without pooling above ground!


Adding a Disappearing Landscape Waterfall to your garden allows all the sights and sounds of a traditional fish pond, without the hassle or worry of keeping, or feeding pond fish all season. Also, it decreases any safety issues involved with having a body of water in your back yard. Contact us today to learn more.



Pondless Waterfalls Installed By Certified Aquascape Contractor We Build, LLC


Pondless Waterfalls, installed by Certified Aquascape Contractor We Build, LLC, in Chesapeake, Virginia Beach, Virginia (VA) & surrounding areas, are simply a re-circulating disappearing waterfall and/or stream, without the presence of a pond. You can enjoy the sight and sound of running water, without the maintenance of a pond. If you are considering a Pondless Waterfall for your yard, you can trust in a Certified Aquascape Contractor to get it done right, the first time.


We install Aquascape pondless waterfall components exclusively, as the system provides everything you need, and nothing you don't! While Aquascape provides the most reliable and simple to maintain hardware, it is the ability to adapt the surrounding landscape to fit the new waterfall that makes the project complete. We Build, LLC have the experience and training to do this for you.  We can install a beautiful new waterfall, while also updating your landscape and hardscape, with your input of course! 


Pondless (Also called Disappearing) water feature systems are perfect for schools, businesses and those who want a front yard water feature, travel frequently, have young children or limited space. It's called a disappearing pondless waterfall because the water does not form a pond, but instead disappears into an underground pondless reservoir beneath rock and gravel.


The water is pumped to the waterfall or rock fountain, and disappears into the pondless basin, which contains the pump chamber and pump. These water features can also have a stream incorporated into the design for added interest. The modular equipment in the pondless waterfall basin beneath the rocks and gravel is strong enough for more than ten adults to stand on.

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