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Universal Aquatics

Backyard Pond Lifestyle - Contractor Builder & Maintenance

Serving Duluth, Lawrenceville, Alpharetta, Georgia - GA

Pond-Water Garden Lifestyle

It’s just a fact that a waterfall, koi pond, or some other water feature can transform your Duluth, Lawrenceville, Alpharetta, Georgia area backyard, into a backyard paradise. Your home is your castle, but you can turn your backyard into a vacation spot, just a few steps away. A pond, or pondless waterfall, or water fountain can be the perfect finishing touch to your landscape, or the centerpiece of the yard. From the elegance of an Asian design, to the tranquility of a terraced stream, Universal Aquatics can bring your dreams to life.


Living The Pond Lifestyle


​Life’s daily trials and tribulations wash away with the sound of water. Moving water always attracts the eyes and ears, luring you to it. It is human nature to explore this sensation, so that it soothes you in that very moment. As you read this, did your mind’s eye wander to a particular feature? Did you picture yourself in front of it, perhaps with a loved one? In the split second of answering this question, did you feel your heart rate drop? Did you feel your worries lessen? This “split second” is what we grasp and share in what we call “Living the Pond Life.” Contact us to learn more about living the pond lifestyle.



Certified Aquascape Contractor In Lawrenceville, GA


A backyard pond, or water feature, can be designed and built in many different ways. We start with a consultation to identify your thoughts and wishes. Our goal, while developing the perfect element of design for our customers, is to build off of what they desire from their space. While specializing in koi ponds, koi pond repair, waterfalls, water feature design, pond installation, and maintenance in the Duluth, Fulton County, (Atlanta, Metro) Georgia area, our goal is to offer the professionalism and expertise to get the job right the first time.


Universal Aquatics is a Certified Aquascape Contractor, that provides professional and quality services, for the design and installation of one of a kind water features, in the Duluth, Fulton County, (Atlanta, Metro) Georgia area, including landscaping ponds, koi ponds, waterfalls, pondless waterfall systems or disappearing water features, urn fountains, basalt column fountains, retention ponds, bog filters, wetland filters and more. No matter if you desire the elegance of an Asian inspired design or the tranquility of a terraced stream, we can bring your ideas to life. After your pond is installed, we can keep it crystal clear with a pond maintenance schedule, so you can enjoy your new space, without lifting a finger.

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