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Universal Aquatics

Disappearing Pondless Waterfall Contractor Builder & Maintenance

Serving Duluth, Lawrenceville, Alpharetta, Georgia - GA

Disappearing Landscape Waterfalls

One Of The Hottest Trends In Water Gardening


Pondless waterfalls offer another option for our clients in the Duluth, Fulton County, GA (Atlanta Metro) area, that like the idea of a waterfall, but don’t want the maintenance associated with a pond. A pondless waterfall system allows for a stream and/or waterfall, without a pond! The water simply disappears beneath the surface into an underground reservoir.


Perfect for public settings, where child safety, or the liabilities of a pond may be a concern. Virtually maintenance free! Simply refill the reservoir every few weeks, you can even use rainwater.


Where Does The Water Go ?


Pondless, also called Disappearing, water feature systems are perfect for schools, businesses and those who want a front yard water feature, travel frequently, have young children or limited space. It's called a disappearing pondless waterfall, because the water does not form a pond, but instead disappears into an underground pondless reservoir beneath rock and gravel.


At Universal Aquatics we offer a wide array of water feature installation services, from ecosystem pondspondless waterfallsfountainscapes, to large pond & lake management services, and Pond & Lake Aeration/Fountains.

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Certified Aquascape Contractor In Snellville, GA


With pondless waterfall features, there is no filter to clean, or fish to take care of. You get the marvel of dancing water, without the maintenance associated with traditional ponds. During the fall and winter months, here in the Duluth & Fulton County, Georgia area, when leaves are in full swing, simply use a leaf blower to remove the debris and you’re back to enjoying the tranquility of your new water feature.


Universal Aquatics loves building pondless waterfall systems in the Duluth, Fulton County, Georgia area. They allow us to create the best part of a water feature, the waterfall. That’s where all the magic happens. Add lighting to your water feature to enjoy the soothing waterfalls at night. Watch the water come alive with the addition of pond lights during the evening hours.

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