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Tussey Landscaping LLC

Landscape Fountains - Installation, Maintenance, Repair & Renovations  

Hollidaysburg, Blair County, Pennsylvania - Also Serving Altoona & Johnstown (PA)

Landscape & Garden Fountains

As inspiring as a mellow creek, these features have the ability to turn your patio area into a peaceful outdoor retreat. Bubbling rocks and landscape garden fountains, as landscape decor, are growing in popularity in Hollidaysburg, Blair County (PA), and work by circulating water up through a fountain and back into an underground reservoir.


There are a variety of features for anyone to choose from, starting with the natural look of bubbling rocks and rim spires, to the more elegant appeal of urns and spitters. As birds come to drink and bathe in the new feature you have provided, they in turn provide you with their songs and melodies of thanks. ​ These features work great in conjunction with the RainXchange system, and can even be added to an existing pond or pondless waterfall installation.


Tussey Landscaping is a CAC – Certified Aquascape Contractor and is authorized to install Aquascape Inc. pond systems.


Perfect For That Small Space In Your Yard


Fountainscapes are one of the most popular additions you can make to your home or office landscape. The endless possibilities when considering a landscape garden fountain, allow you to really express your style and enhance your surroundings. The basic installations of our fountainscapes usually involve an underground reservoir called an AquaBasin. The Aquabasin allows for a wide range of fountains to be installed, from larger or taller ceramic urns and fiber resin units, to heavier cut stone columns and basalt pieces. With two size AquaBasins available for installation, this allows us to cost-effectively design your project for the most enjoyment for your investment. Contact us to learn more about fountainscape installations.



Certified Aquascape Contractor In Hollidaysburg (PA)


The beauty of landscape fountains, (fountainscapes), is the fact that they allow you to bring the peaceful sound of water into literally any space. They can be tucked into a small corner, or you can create a custom piece of art with multiple fountains, slate urns, and copper bowls. The possibilities are endless.


Another great benefit is that maintenance is nearly nonexistent with fountains. As a CAC, (Certified Aquascape Contractor) the crew here at Tussey Landscaping will install your fountain using industry best standards gained from years of experience, and will provide you with all the resources to make your fountain virtually maintenance-free.


Do you live in the Altoona, State College, Johnstown, and Bedford, Pennsylvania area and love the sound and ambiance of running water? Does your lifestyle allow little time for ‘gardening’? Then rest assured that with these great benefits, a fountainscape is perfect for you!


Benefits of a Fountain:

• Fountains are very safe

• Fountains are easily affordable (and can make a great gift)

• May be used to enhance existing water features, or used as a stand-alone fountain

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