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Stonebridge Pond & Waterfall Co.

Natural Swim Pond - Design & Installation Contractor

Serving Austin, Dripping Springs, Hays & Travis County, Texas

Natural Swim Ponds

Large Scale Natural Swim Ponds 


Larger backyard natural swim type ponds are becoming very popular throughout Austin, Dripping Springs, and surrounding areas of Travis & Hays County. Many Texas homeowners love the idea of a pool, however, they do not want all of the maintenance associated with a chemically treated pool. Opting for a more natural, simplistic option of a working ecosystem, that incorporates both mechanical filtration, as well as biological, for amazing water quality and clarity. 

Eric Arnston is a first class aquatic artisan, he specializes in the complete process of designing and creating, one of a kind, recreational/swim ponds, in
Austin, Dripping Springs, Hays & Travis County, Texas and surrounding areas. From the initial onsite consultation, where Eric will get a good understanding of what you are looking for, including going over all expectations, (budget, timeline, materials & etc) to a finished work of art. 

NOTE: Pricing for most recreational/swim ponds in
Austin, Dripping Springs, Hays & Travis County, Texas and surrounding areas, start at approximately $75K & up depending on the size and scope of the project. Contact us to learn more!


Waterfalls - Streams - Beach Areas - Wetland Filtration 


A natural swim pond is not complete without a series of cascading waterfalls, flowing streams and a beach type area to access the pond. However, the most important part of a well designed, natural recreational/swim pond, is the wetland filtration system. Many times Stonebridge Pond & Waterfall Co's clients ask - how do you keep the water so clear? The simple answer is the combination of just the right elements.


Wetland Filtration Explained


Our constructed wetland filtration systems, here at Stonebridge Pond & Waterfall Co., are designed to work like mother nature intended. Also known as the kidney's of the earth, wetlands filter toxins out of the water, offering pristine water quality as well as clarity.  

All of our recreational/swim ponds in the Austin, Dripping Springs, Hays & Travis County, Texas area, are properly designed, and sized with a constructed wetland system that provides the best results for our clients. Contact us to learn more about recreation/swim ponds!

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