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Pondscapes Of Charlotte

Ecosystem Fish Pond & Water Feature Lifestyle Contractor & Installer

Based in Charlotte, NC Serving Southern Piedmont & Northern South Carolina Areas

Pond-Water Garden Lifestyle

Just for a moment, close your eyes and imagine a winding stream flowing softly over the rocks, through small crevasses, cascading in gentle waterfalls, listen for the soothing sound of the water . . . relax.


Atmosphere and ambiance are vital to any outdoor living area; these elements can be created with a well-designed water garden and complimentary landscaping. The goal here is to set the mood for whatever lifestyle you want to achieve: pool parties, dinner parties, afternoon barbecues, or quiet family time.


Life’s daily trials and tribulations wash away with the sound of water. Moving water always attracts the eyes and ears, luring you to it. It is human nature to explore this sensation so that it soothes you in that very moment. As you read this, did your mind’s eye wander to a particular feature? Did you picture yourself in front of it, perhaps with a loved one? In the split second of answering this question, did you feel your heart rate drop? Did you feel your worries lessen? This “split second” is what we grasp and share in what we call “Living the Pond Life.” Contact us to learn more learn more about how to start living the pond lifestyle!


Certified Aquascape Contractor


Pondscapes of Charlotte’s goal is to help each and every client succeed in creating his or her unique space that fosters a relaxing lifestyle and an eco-friendly environment. We install and maintain koi ponds, waterfalls, fountains and more, all in and around the Charlotte, NC area. We want to leave every customer feeling confident that they received true value for their investment.


Founded in 2002, Pondscapes of Charlotte specializes in building and designing natural water features. Our primary goal is to enhance your lifestyle by creating a beautiful and relaxing water feature where you can relax with family or entertain friends.


Our goal as a company is not to just install ponds and water features for our customers, we want to build lifestyles for people. Deciding on installing a water garden in your landscape is a big step towards living what we call the pond life. A water garden can be a place that you and your family can go that takes away the stresses of life, and gives you an opportunity to be outside and bond through a common interest. It will literally change the way you unwind at the end of the day. Most people like to sit outside by their pond early in the morning, or after a long day and just unwind as they listen to the sound of the water fall over the rocks.

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