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Ponds Inc. of Illinois

Disappearing Pond-Free Waterfall Design Contractor - Installation & Maintenance Services

Serving Gilberts, St Charles, Geneva, Chicagoland-Illinois-IL

Disappearing Landscape Waterfalls

One Of The Hottest Trends In Water Gardening


Nicknamed the “Disappearing Waterfall,” the Pond-Free Waterfall still gives the sounds and tranquility of a pond, with stream and waterfall, while giving the illusion that the water is disappearing. With minimal need for upkeep, reduced water use, and the ability to adapt to small spaces, this is fast becoming one of the most popular water features being installed in the Gilberts, St Charles, Geneva, Kane County, Illinois & Chicagoland area. Where certain constraints, such as limited space, can make a traditional pond or stream impossible, this is the perfect solution when a waterfall, without the maintenance of a pond, is desired.


Where Does The Water Go ?


Pond-Free (Also called Disappearing) water feature systems are perfect for schools, businesses and those who want a front yard water feature, travel frequently, have young children or limited space. It's called a disappearing, Pond-Free waterfall, because the water does not form a pond, but instead disappears into an underground pond-free reservoir, beneath rock and gravel.


The water is pumped to the waterfall or rock fountain, and disappears into the Pond-Free basin, which contains the pump chamber and pump. These water features can also have a stream incorporated into the design for added interest. The modular equipment in the Pond-Free waterfall basin beneath the rocks and gravel is strong enough for more than ten adults to stand on. Contact us to learn more about the benefits of adding a Pond-Free waterfall to your yard.


Pond Contractor In Gilberts, IL


Pond-Free waterfalls rarely require cleanouts, making them a low maintenance option. Other than the occasional refilling of water, due to evaporation, these are considered virtually maintenance free. Also considered budget friendly, this is a less expensive alternative to a traditional pond. A Pond-Free waterfall’s pump can be turned off when going on vacation, or set on a timer to turn off during the evening hours. This feature does not allow room for fish, so this also eliminates that added responsibility and the need for a pump to run continuously.


Pond-Free waterfalls can still have aquatic plants and be made to blend in with your surroundings beautifully. They are a great choice for retirees, those with young children, or people that enjoy a travelling lifestyle. If you live in Gilberts, St Charles, Illinois, Kane County, Illinois or the Chicagoland area, consult with your Ponds Inc. representative, who will be happy to assist you in determining if this water feature is best suited for you.

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