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Phoenix Water Designs

Disappearing, PondFree, Waterfalls Installation & Maintenance Contractor

Serving Walnutport, Lehigh Valley, Pennsylvania (PA) 

Disappearing PondFree Waterfalls


Do you love the sound of water? There is little else as relaxing as its sound. If you do, but you have neither the room, or desire, for a complete pond, a pond free waterfall might be for you! Phoenix Water Designs can install pondfree waterfalls in the Walnutport, Lehigh Valley, PA areas.  

These pond-free water features can be fit into a space as small as 7’ x 5’, or expanded into a waterfall and 20’ stream, or as expansive as a 10’, 20’, or 30’ high waterfall.  Any of these can be achieved to fulfill your dream of a babbling brook or a thundering waterfall, and are constrained only by the available space and your budget. Contact us today to learn more about disappearing, pondfree waterfalls.

Spotlights light the falls and highlight plants in the stream, under water lights highlight the pools as the water rushes down, and path lights scattered among the landscape surrounding your falls adds to the nighttime ambiance.  As an added bonus, unlike a pond, these water features can be turned off at bedtime, or when you go on vacation.

Give us a call, or fill out our contact form, to discuss your backyard dream.

Fully Insured and Licensed HICPA #PA163501

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