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Phoenix Water Designs

Backyard-KOI Pond Installation, Construction & Maintenance Pro's

Serving Walnutport, Lehigh Valley, Pennsylvania (PA) 

Backyard-KOI Pond Installation


Do you dream of morning coffee or evenings on the patio or deck with the soothing sound of moving water in the background? Maybe your dream is a staycation at your backyard oasis where the kids can still use their bathing suits. Whatever your water feature dreams are, Phoenix Water Designs can install your dream pond, fountain, or pond free waterfall in the Walnutport, Lehigh Valley, PA surrounding areas. Your choice of water feature will be dictated to some extent by the size available in your yard, soil conditions, ability to excavate, and budget. 

Maybe you aren’t interested in keeping fish in your pond, but you want the aesthetic beauty of water. If so, a simple water garden meant just for plants is what you have in mind. It can be of varying depths, large or small, with or without filtration, or you can add a waterfall to give you the benefit of sound. Contact us today to learn more!



If hand feeding koi or keeping goldfish is in your dream pond, you will want to consider the most popular pond on the market, the Garden Pond, for your Walnutport, Lehigh Valley, PA area yard. A filter falls and stream running into the rock lined pond provides hours of soothing relaxation as you watch the fish swim, birds use your falls and stream to bathe, and tiny toads, frogs and lizards come to sun on the rocks. These ponds have plenty of room for fish and multiple shelves for oxygenating plants.  

Want to raise and show koi? Then you will want a traditional, circular koi pond at least 4’ deep. These ponds have bottom drains, a vortex filter settling tank, and bead filter, all run by an external pump that is usually housed in a separate building.  There are no plants or boulders in these ponds.

As for that staycation.  How about a Rec(reation) Pond?  These have big boulders to jump from into an 8’ deep pond where your kids can swim with the fishes!

Of course, to fully enjoy the nighttime ambiance, strategically placed LED lighting is a must have.  

Give us a call, or contact us today, to talk about your backyard water garden dreams! 

Fully Insured and Licensed HICPA #PA163501

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