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Liquid Landscapes Inc

Disappearing Landscape Waterfalls - Maintenance, Repair & Service Contractor​

Serving Asheville & Hendersonville, North Carolina (NC)

Disappearing Landscape Waterfalls

Liquid Landscapes Inc

One Of The Hottest Trends In Water Gardening, Disappearing Landscape Waterfalls In The Asheville & Hendersonville, North Carolina (NC) area


When you love the stunning visuals and relaxing sounds of a waterfall, but aren’t sure you want to keep fish, pondless waterfalls are the answer for your property. Pond maintenance disappears with Disappearing Landscape Waterfalls! Liquid Landscapes Inc. has the experience and professional staff to design a custom pondless waterfall at your property, in the Asheville & Hendersonville, North Carolina (NC) area.


A Little About Us At Liquid Landscapes Inc.


Pondless (Also called Disappearing) water feature systems are perfect for schools, businesses and those who want a front yard water feature, travel frequently, have young children or limited space. It's called a Disappearing Landscape Waterfall because the water does not form a pond, but instead disappears into an underground pondless reservoir beneath rock and gravel.


The water is pumped to the waterfall or rock fountain, and disappears into the pondless basin, which contains the pump chamber and pump. These water features can also have a stream incorporated into the design for added interest. The modular equipment in the pondless waterfall basin, beneath the rocks and gravel, is strong enough for more than ten adults to stand on.


Premium Disappearing Waterfall Contractor In Asheville & Hendersonville, North Carolina (NC)


The key to a Disappearing Landscape Waterfall is providing reliable flow, visuals and sounds, while requiring the least amount of maintenance. Liquid Landscapes Inc., serving Asheville & Hendersonville, North Carolina (NC), can turn your wish of a water feature into reality, without the added hassle of a full pond.


Disappearing water features are simply a re-circulating waterfall or stream, without an exposed basin of water. You are able to enjoy the sight and sound of running water, without an exposed pond. Why would you want a waterfall without a pond? “Pondless” designs are not for everyone, but it can be a great alternative for someone who isn’t quite sure that a pond is right for their family. The four major factors that entice people to a “pondless” design are safety, space, flexibility, and cost. It is a great alternative for those who are trying to get their feet wet, or just looking to fit a little bit of paradise into their own backyard. Contact us today to discuss adding a disappearing pondless waterfall to your yard!

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