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Kool Aquatics

Recreational Pond - Design & Installation Contractor

Serving Columbus, Dublin, Sunbury, Ohio (OH) Areas

Recreation Ponds

What Is a Recreational Pond


A recreational pond is a natural pond that is also used for recreational purposes, such as swimming and paddling. It is designed to imitate a natural body of water in the wild with irregular shapes, rocks, waterfalls, and boulders. Recreational ponds are usually divided into two areas: one area for vegetation and the other area for swimming.


The vegetation area is usually more shallow, about a foot deep, to accommodate your water plants. The swimming section can range anywhere from 6 to 8 feet deep. A recreational pond gives you the best of both worlds. It is a beautiful landscape feature for your Columbus, Dublin, Sunbury, Ohio (OH) area backyard, and it's a great place for you and your family to swim and learn more about nature.


Kool Aquatics offers the following services: Pond InstallationPondless WaterfallsLandscape Garden Fountains, Recreation Ponds, Lake Fountains, LED Underwater Lighting, MaintenanceRepair, Cleaning & more for our clients in the Ohio (OH) area. Fill out our Contact Form to learn more. 

A Recreational Pond Is Cleaner Than You Might Think

A waterfall will help keep your pond water fresh and clean


You may be thinking that a recreational pond couldn't possibly be very clean if you aren't adding chemicals to it, as you do with a swimming pool. In fact, they are cleaner than you think. Ponds naturally clean themselves.


Having plants such as flag irises and water lilies not only makes your pond look lovely, but they also keep the phosphate levels of your water in check, while also getting rid of the nitrates. This will help to ensure that you have no messy algae in your pond. The gravel on the bed of your pond will also act as a filtering agent to keep it clean.


By installing either a beautiful waterfall or a small pump, you will be keeping the water moving in your pond, and moving water will also ensure that your pond stays fresh and clean.

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