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Kool Aquatics

Ponds, Waterfalls, Fountains & Water Feature Craftsman

Design, Maintenance Support & Installation Contractor

Columbus, Franklin County, Central Ohio (OH)

Pond-Water Garden Installation

Professional Pond & Water Feature Contractor In Franklin County, (OH)


Kool Aquatics, located in Columbus, Ohio specializes in the design, installation, and service of all types of water features throughout Franklin County, OH.


We are an Atlantic - Oase professional contractor (APC), installing only professional grade Pond & Water Feature components. We use methodologies of a naturally balanced, ecosystem pond that works like Mother Nature.


Our work is inspired by the many projects that we've built over the years in Columbus, Franklin County, Ohio & surrounding areas.


Our clients enjoy coming home to their personal oasis of moving water. Either a beautiful pond full of colorful koi fish swimming around gracefully, waiting to be fed.


Or it's a disappearing waterfall & stream, that looks and sounds like you are in the mountains. Maybe a flowing fountain or bubbling rock feature. Contact us today to learn more about pond & water feature installations in the Columbus, Franklin County, Ohio area.

A Little About Us At Kool Aquatics


Ohio Professional Pond & Water Feature Contractor


Founded in 2016, Kool Aquatics has decades of experience prior to the creation of Kool Aquatics. We are a family owned and oriented company, Kool Aquatics provides all of our, Columbus, Dublin, Sunbury, Ohio & surrounding areas, clients with personalized customer service, and a huge focus on attention to detail to ensure their water feature is performing well. We have worked throughout the nation with some of the most skilled water feature builders in the industry.

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