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JVI Secret Gardens

Bubbling Landscape Garden Fountains Installation & Maintenance Contractor

Serving Nashville, Brentwood, Davidson County & Franklin, Tennessee (TN)

Landscape & Garden Fountains

Landscape Garden Fountains Are Also A Great Feature


Are you interested in "testing the waters" of water gardening?  Or possibly just looking for something unique to add to your existing pond or pondless waterfall?  Why not try a Landscape Garden Fountain! These features can come in every shape and size imaginable; from urns and basalt columns, to spitters and patio container gardens! They can be added onto an existing feature or tucked into the corner of your landscape. 


Landscape Garden Fountains are also a great feature to add to the front of your house, to greet you when you come home. 


For those homeowners and businesses in the Nashville, Davidson County, Tennessee (TN) area, who are interested in getting more information about Fountainscapes, Contact us here at JVI Secret Gardens to get started!



The Basic Installations Of JVI Secret Gardens Fountainscapes


Fountainscapes are one of the most popular additions you can make to your East Tennessee home or office landscape. The endless possibilities when considering a landscape garden fountain allow you to really express your style and enhance your surroundings. The basic installations of JVI Secret Gardens' fountainscapes usually involve an underground reservoir called an AquaBasin. The Aquabasin allows for a wide range of fountains to be installed, from larger or taller ceramic urns and fiber resin units, to heavier cut stone columns and basalt pieces. The beauty of installing a fountainscape is the ease with which it is installed.  For a basic installation, within a few hours you can have water flowing and you can be enjoying your new addition to your landscape.  Most of these water features are set onto an Aquabasin that is dug into the ground, this houses the pump, and then gravel is filled around the chosen piece to hide the inner workings.  It's a fairly simple process, that can be done in no time!


Perfect For That Small Space In Your Yard


A Landscape Fountain typically consists of a decorative fountain positioned atop an underground reservoir that stores the water and a recirculating pump located in the reservoir pumps the water up through the fountain where it bubbles over the top and cascades back into the reservoir. An Outdoor Fountain designed alongside a patio or deck can add a whole new dimension to any outdoor environment. Your outdoor fountain has unlimited possibilities. If you are in our area of Nashville, Brentwood, Franklin, Tennessee & surrounding areas, Contact us to get started with your outdoor bubbling fountain design.

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