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Gulf Coast Aquascape

Lake Fountains – Installation & Maintenance Contractor

Serving Foley, Daphne, Baldwin County, Alabama-AL

Lake Fountains

Gulf Coast Aquascape

Lake Fountains


At Gulf Coast Aquascape we install & service Pond and Lake Fountains, as well as Pond and Lake Aeration Systems, for our clients in the Foley, Daphne, Orange Beach, and surrounding areas of Baldwin County, Alabama. Our pond & lake fountains provide much of the visual effect of high-pressure fountains, while still circulating large volumes of water through the air where oxygen is absorbed. Some of the recent fountain design improvements, made by the manufacturers, offer a variety of spray patterns with large volumes of water being pushed by energy-efficient motors. Like surface aerators, the splashing water sound, surface film reduction, and optional deep water intake collars add to their popularity. Fill out our Contact Form to learn more and we will get back to you directly.


Pond And Lake Aeration Systems


Pond and Lake Aeration Systems by Gulf Coast Aquascape – including Floating fountain aerators, are designed for all size Baldwin County, (AL) area natural ponds, retention ponds, and lakes. The movement of the surface of the water, combined with aeration, from above and below the water's surface, is key to the overall balance of the ecosystem. Fountains are mostly viewed as an aesthetic addition to an otherwise quiet body of water, but play a vital role in the overall health of your otherwise stagnant pond or lake. The addition of a subsurface Aeration System increases the oxygen levels in the most critical areas of the pond or lake.

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Gulf Coast Aquascape

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