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Domina's Agway

Landscape & Garden Bubbling Fountains & Urns Installation & Maintenance Contractor

Rhode Island, Also Serving Southern Massachusetts & Eastern Connecticut

Landscape & Garden Fountains

Testing The Waters” Of The Water Gardening Hobby


If you’re interested in “testing the waters” of the water gardening hobby, here in Rhode Island, Southern Mass or Eastern CT, a container water garden is a great place to start! They are generally used to add the sound of water to a deck or patio, but they also look great greeting visitors by the front door. But they don’t just add beauty, they also give kids a fun way to learn about nature, and make a great starter “pond” for any young children interested in water.


Adding a water feature brings a whole new sensory experience to your garden. A well-placed garden fountain can transform an ordinary backyard into a relaxing outdoor retreat with the restorative sound and hypnotizing movement of trickling water. A fountainscape can also serve as a focal point in a front yard, plaza or courtyard. Contact Domina's Agway today to see all of the options available for adding a bubbling fountain or urn into your Portsmouth, RI, Southern Mass, or Eastern CT area backyard.


The AquaBasin™ Systems


The AquaBasin™ systems can easily be installed within just a few hours if you like to tackle home projects on your own, or you can hire Domina's Agway to do the job for you.  Aquascape provides a wide variety of decorative pieces that can be used in conjunction with the AquaBasin™, from ceramic urns to brass sculptures to carved stone structures.  What's more, Aquascape adds new decorative options each year, so there's always something fresh and new to add to your landscape.


A container water garden can be created using virtually any type of container... as long as it has the ability to hold water. An old clawfoot tub, a galvanized bucket, your favorite terra cotta pot, or an old whiskey barrel all make great containers for your new Providence, Rhode Island, Southern Mass, or Eastern CT area, water garden! Once you've chosen the container, you need to make sure it will hold water. Any un-glazed pottery will need to be sealed and drain holes will need to be plugged. A wooden container such as a whiskey barrel can be lined with a piece of rubber liner that is affixed to the rim. Make sure the sealant you use safe for plants and fish.

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