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Aquatic Management Plus

Pond & Lake Fountains - Installation & Maintenance Contractors

Serving Palatka, Jacksonville, St. Augustine, Gainesville & Daytona Beach, Florida (FL) Surrounding Areas

Pond & Lake Fountains

Pond Fountains


Floating fountain aerators offer the benefit of aeration as well as an aesthetic feature to the pond. They are generally localized and work well for shallower, symmetrically-shaped ponds. The various spray patterns available can also impact the water body. The size of your pond and personal preference will help determine which pattern would be most suitable for your pond. If you have a pond that is located near the golf club house or course entrance, it could be further enhanced with lighting for a dramatic evening scene. 


What Can We Do?


Aquatic Management Plus, LLC offers many styles of fountains from popular manufacturers like Airmax, Aquamaster, Kasco Marine and Otterbine. In addition to new sales, we are also an Authorized Service Center and can repair, install, remove, clean and store most fountain brands for our customers in the Gainesville, Daytona, St. Augustine, Florida area. Contact us to learn more!


Decorative Pond & Lake Fountain Types


Decorative fountains have many different available patterns. These patterns do result in reduced flow, circulation potential, and lower oxygen transfer rates, but the tradeoff is high aesthetic value. Although decorative fountains still provide aeration and circulation potential in the top 6’ of the pond, we mainly consider them aesthetic units.


Aerating Pond Fountains


Unlike decorative fountains, these units typically have only one V-shaped pattern. Since there is less restriction in the flow, they have better circulation and oxygen transfer rates.  Aerating fountains are a good comprise when you are looking at aesthetics and water quality.  


Surface Aerators


Different from decorative, or aerating fountains, these units have no defined pattern, but benefit from increased water flow and surface disturbance, along with the highest oxygen transfer rate. When dissolved oxygen and water quality are the main priorities, surface aerators should be your first choice.


No matter what your goals are, we have you covered. Contact us today for a customized pond fountain quote!

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