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Aquatic Lifestyles

Ecosystem Fish/Koi Pond & Water Garden Lifestyle Design, Installation & Maintenance Contractor

Serving Columbia, South Carolina (SC) & Augusta, Richmond County, (GA) Surrounding Areas

Pond-Water Garden Lifestyle

Water Features Are Our Specialty


It is very important for you to choose the right Columbia, Richland County, South Carolina, (SC) or Augusta, Richmond County, (GA) pond builder or maintenance contractor for designing and installing & maintaining your water feature so that you can have long term satisfaction with your investment. Working with the team at Aquatic Lifestyles LLC offers you the opportunity to pick from various types of structures, which come in all sorts of shapes and sizes. People have always been thrilled with our work and we are always looking for opportunities to work with new customers in the area. Give us a call today or fill out our online quote request form and one of our staff members will contact you with more information.

Backyard Ecosystem Pond Lifestyle

Most people think of outdoor grills and patio furniture when they think of outdoor living spaces. Once the outdoor meal is over, what more is there to do in your backyard? While many homeowners turn to pools or hot tubs, they're discouraged by the amount of maintenance and chemicals required with these amenities. For the price of a hot tub, a beautiful Ecosystem Pond can be installed, and less maintenance is required, thereby providing more time to relax and enjoy friends and family, and The Pond Lifestyle. ​

The Team at Aquatic Lifestyles LLC is here to serve. We specialize in the Design, Construction and Maintenance of Eco System Ponds, Pondless Waterfalls and Streams, Landscape Fountains, Pond Maintenance, Water Feature Cleaning, Leak Detection & Repair, Algae Control & Pond Renovations in the Augusta, Georgia & Columbia, South Carolina areas. CONTACT US to learn more.


Living the Pond Lifestyle in Augusta, GA


​Water Gardens & Outdoor Living products improve property value in and around the Augusta, Georgia (GA) & Columbia, South Carolina (SC) areas, professionally built water features make your property stand out from the rest, making your Outdoor Living area the envy of your neighbors. Having a Pond Contractor install a Pondless® Waterfall in the front yard provides curb appeal, while a backyard Ecosystem Pond increases a home's value much like a deck, patio, or gazebo.


Life’s daily trials and tribulations wash away with the sound of water. Moving water always attracts the eyes and ears, luring you to it. It is human nature to explore this sensation, so that it soothes you in that very moment. As you read this, did your mind’s eye wander to a particular feature? Did you picture yourself in front of it, perhaps with a loved one? In the split second of answering this question, did you feel your heart rate drop? Did you feel your worries lessen? This “split second” is what we grasp and share in what we call “Living the Pond Life."

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