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Aquatic Creations

Bubbling Landscape Garden Fountains & Urns

Atlanta, GA (Serving South Metro Atlanta and Fayette County, Georgia)


Landscape & Garden Fountains

In Atlanta, Georgia, Aquatic Creations knows, water features have become a big hit in the landscapes. Sometimes people may have space restrictions, may not want fish, or would just like to have a smaller feature. There may still be a way to add water, by installing what is called Fountainscapes. What are fountainscapes? They can be urns, bowls, bubbling rocks, or many other types of products that can be made to create a small water feature.


Perfect For That Small Space In Your Yard


As you are working in your landscape, sometimes it may feel as though something is missing. You would like something new, but don't have much space. Fountainscapes and bubbling rocks can be a great addition. There is not a much better sound than that of running water. If you don't have the space for a large feature, if you only have a patio, or just want a small feature to set the mood to relax, maybe this is just what you were looking for. ​We understand that, at Aquatic Creations, and have been installing them in the Metro Atlanta area for 20 years. The fountainscapes are growing in this industry as people seem to have less space at home and work, but still realize that water is an important part of daily lives and helps fight stress. Contact us today to see what options there are for adding a fountainscape to your yard.


Certified Aquascape Contractor In Grantville, GA


This is a way for some to "test the waters" with a small water feature, a way to see how much you will enjoy the sound of water at your home. This may be a way for kids to have a small pond in a bowl to learn about fish, or maybe just to add beauty to a porch or patio.


But these can also be added to an existing pond or pondless waterfall, for some extra interest. A group of small urns in the same area can create a really cool effect in your landscape. Even a tabletop feature could be enjoyed inside the home. There are many sizes and shapes.

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