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Apple Ponds & Water Features

Bubbling Urns, Fountains, & Spillways

Based in Collegeville, Montgomery County, PA - Serving Collegeville, Pottstown & Surrounding Areas

Landscape & Garden Fountains

The sights and sounds of water are mesmerizing, soothing and appeal to the senses. Apple Ponds & Water Features, serving the Collegeville, Montgomery County, PA area, knows this and so can install you a beautiful Fountain-scape, tucked into a corner of your yard, or added to an existing pond or waterfall. The size of the water feature can be as small as a tabletop fountain, or as big as an expansive natural reflection pool. Patio ponds, also called container gardens, are also a popular choice where space might be limited. You may be surprised at how many different types of fountains or patio ponds are available for your Pottstown, King of Prussia, Collegeville & Montgomery County, PA area landscape. The team, at Apple Ponds & Water Features, can help you decide what to install as well as, install it for you!


Perfect For That Small Space In Your Yard


A Landscape Fountain typically consists of a decorative fountain positioned atop an underground reservoir that stores the water and a recirculating pump located in the reservoir pumps the water up through the fountain where it bubbles over the top and cascades back into the reservoir. An Outdoor Fountain designed alongside a patio or deck can add a whole new dimension to any outdoor environment. Your outdoor fountain has unlimited possibilities. If you are in our area of Collegeville, Pennsylvania & surrounding areas, Contact us to get started with your outdoor bubbling fountain design today.


Fountain Installation Contractor


There are many different options available when it comes to adding a Fountain-scape to your landscape. Everything from a small bubbling vase, to a wall fountain or patio pond. No matter your style, the professionals, at Apple Ponds & Water Features, serving the Collegeville, Pottstown, King of Prussia, in Montgomery County, PA area, are available to help you find what water feature will work best for your needs and desires.


Fountains / Fountainscapes

From a classic urn style formed with glass fiber reinforced concrete to a basalt or pebble constructed fountain-scape, there are many styles and sizes to choose from. The fountains from Atlantic Oase are an amazing addition with the color changing lights.


Patio Ponds

Also called container gardens, these make it easy to have a complete water feature in any setting. Most often these are used when there is a limited amount of space. A fountain can still be incorporated into a container garden, making it a beautiful addition to any patio or deck. Patio ponds are constructed with fiberglass and natural rock veneer making them lightweight and durable. They also never chip or fade, making this an excellent choice of enjoyment for years to come.

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