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Landscape Garden Fountains Installation & Maintenance Contractor

A Frog's Dream Inc. - Serving Long Valley, Morris County, New Jersey - NJ & Surrounding Areas

Landscape & Garden Fountains

You may be surprised at how many different types of fountains or patio ponds are available for your Morris County, NJ landscape. There are some who know exactly what type and size they want to install. Others might not be so sure, and we are here to help. Below are some of the various fountains and container gardens available, or perhaps you might have something else in mind. Either way, the professionals at A Frog's Dream Aquatic Services are available to help you find what water feature will work best for your needs and desires.


Perfect For That Small Space In Your Yard


The sights and sounds of water are mesmerizing, soothing and appeal to the senses. The size of the water feature can be as small as a tabletop fountain, or as large as an expansive natural reflection pool. Patio ponds, also called container gardens, are a popular D.I.Y. choice where space might be limited. No one has to know that it’s low maintenance and didn’t make much of a dent in your pocketbook. There’s just something about water that can make any next-door neighbor envious of your living space. Enjoy! If you just want to relax to the sound of water consider a fountainscape. Unlike traditional ponds, pondless fountains are virtually maintenance free.

Contact Us at A Frog's Dream, to learn more about adding a fun and relaxing Fountainscape to your Long Valley, Morris County, New Jersey area backyard!


Got a spot in your Morris County, NJ area garden leaving you idea-less about what to put there? Maybe it’s a shady spot where grass struggles to grow. Perhaps the soil isn’t the best for nurturing healthy perennials and annuals. Or maybe you’re just interested in attracting a few more birds and butterflies to that location.


FountainScapes and Backyard fountains are limited only by your imagination. If water can be pumped through it, over it, or under it, a truly unique one of a kind fountainscape can be created. Extravagant multi-faceted bubbling urns, boulders, and waterfalls can be incorporated to create a jaw dropping creation. As you can imagine though, these creations can be simple, subtle, and produce a high impact peaceful area for relaxation.

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