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Fish/Koi Pond & Water Garden Builder/Installer

A Frog's Dream Inc. -Serving Long Valley, Morris County, New Jersey - NJ & Surrounding Areas

Backyard-KOI Pond Installation

Backyard Fish Pond Construction


Ecosystem fish ponds can be easy to understand if you have a good grasp of what components go into a basic, functioning ecosystem. Starting with a Professional Contractor/Builder/Installer, like a "Master Certified Aquascape Contractor" is always the best method, but we have witnessed ponds, tackled with a couple of good friends, over the course of a couple weekends, in Long Valley, Morris County, New Jersey (NJ), by using Aquascape pond kits.


An ecosystem fish pond works with Mother Nature to provide food, shelter, and safety to the wildlife around it. It also provides you with an all-natural, low-maintenance piece of paradise. It’s important to remember, however, that every piece of the ecosystem fish pond puzzle must be present in order for a true ecosystem to be in place. Eliminate one of these elements and you’ve got an unbalanced ecosystem that won’t be so low-maintenance anymore.

Contact Us at A Frog's Dream to learn more about installing a Backyard Ecosystem Pond or any other Water Features.


We Install The Aquascape Ecosystem


How Do All These Ecosystem Fish Pond Elements Work Together?

1. The fish nibble on the plant life and of course the food we spoil them with, including the algae.

2. The fish produce waste. Natural debris such as leaves will enter the pond.

3. Organic debris is consumed by good bacteria and the other organisms, which are now calling the rocks and gravel in the pond their home.

4. As the organic debris is broken down it's turned into great plant food. This organic nutrition is absorbed by the beautiful aquatic plants and consumed.

5. The plants grow, bloom some amazing flowers, and are once again nibbled on by the fish and of course don't forget, we feed the fish too …
The ecosystem fish pond continues on in an infinite natural cycle.


You deserve to relax and enjoy your very own oasis where you can hear the sounds of a beautiful waterfall and become mesmerized by your very own fish enjoying their new home. We can transform your Long Valley, Morris County, New Jersey area backyard with a pond or waterfall, that truly provides you with a relaxing space to enjoy with friends and family.

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